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Your Doctor + Sympatica + You = Reset your Diabetes and live a healthier life

How do you Ensure Your Diabetes Gets the Attention & Constant Care it Deserves?

Sympatica empowers your doctor’s treatment with the advantages of data and a team of clinical experts so you can get advanced care,
constant support, and undivided attention, anytime anywhere.

  • Nutritionists and Diabetes educators
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Relevant & regular data insights
Enables your doctor
  • analytics
    Access real time patient analytics
  • Medical data
    Get all medical and lifestyle data in one place
  • Daily plans
    Get updates on your daily plans
  • Intervention
    Enable timely intervention

Use the Amazing Power of Technology to Empower Your Diabetes Care

Sympatica works closely with you helping you achieve the impossible with continuous Expert-Monitored Control over Diabetes.
No data entry on the app, simply upload pictures of your diet and rest is taken care of by our dedicated health mentors.

Your Doctor + Sympatica
  • Prevent Future Ailments
    Prevent Future Ailments
  • Manage bA1C
    Manage HbA1C
  • Control Weight
    Control Weight
  • Optimize <span>Medications
    Optimize Medications
  • Reduce Stress
    Reduce Stress
The Sympatica Advantage
  • Active Dietary Review and Management
  • Expert Clinical Support Staff
  • Biomarker Tracking
  • Your Doctor's Undivided Attention

Research Reveals Amazing Truth: Correct Lifestyle Changes Reduce Diabetes by 58%

Recognising our bad habits, is one thing and changing them is a whole different journey because even when you know the right answer, you can't make yourself change your habitual behaviour. Research shows that 40% of the time we're not thinking about what we're doing! Change then, takes more than just time - it needs active recognition of triggers and requires constant positive monitoring. That's hard and that's why most people give up. But there’s a bright side too. If you are successful in combining the power of medication with critical lifestyle changes you can experience amazing results and improvements in your diabetes condition.

Cumulative Incidence of Diabetes

Source: The New England Journal of Medicine

Control your diabetes before it takes control on you.