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Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking — Zig Ziglar

Pretty true, isn’t it? Positive thinking can give us a powerful energy boost that makes even Mount Everest a small mountain to climb on. Positive thoughts are equal to positive energy. However, staying positive 24/7 for 365 days is like building castles in the air, impractical! Sometimes we find ourselves in hot water, and other times, it’s just the daily challenges at work or home that create issues. But, if we give up while we’re on a boat floating in a sea of troubles, we may find it hard to make it to the shore. Positive energy is what we need at such instances, a little whisper of “Hey! You can do this” helps us get to the shore no matter how many high tides come our way. Here are some ways to help develop positivity in life:

  1. Stop dwelling on the negatives

Crap happens and its okay! Take it easy, and forgive yourself. Try to silver-line the problem, take a different take on the issue, and make a list of possible solutions. Don’t make the problem (sickness, illness, or worries) the elephant in the room; it may just kick-start the negativity engine and make you sad. Write down the issue, and jot down solutions. Do not become a victim; handle the problem in your own unique way.

  1. Look at the mirror and say, “I’m awesome!”

Love yourself just the way you are. Accepting yourself with your flaws and strengths helps your mind develop a positive attitude about yourself in your mind. Complementing yourself while looking at the mirror actually improves your positivity way more as compared to asking yourself what is wrong with me. Try it out – give yourself at least five compliments per day; you will feel as positive as a proton.J

  1. Enjoy Mother Nature

In this world full of pollution, people and buildings, a vision of a pasture covered with flowers and trees that passes by our car or bus makes us feel like a piece of heaven just passed by. Science has proved that being outdoors and enjoying nature improves not only positivity but also health. According to research, spending time in serene surroundings has shown to improve memory, give a sense of rejuvenation, and reduce stress levels.

  1. It’s okay to cry

If you have had a rough day, let out those emotions. Feel sadness, feel pain, just as you feel happiness. It will help you move on and not have it all bottled up inside you, making you feel choked with negativity. You can even journal it or talk to a close friend.

  1. Hit the pause button

Take a mental break if a short vacation is out of your league. While at work or studying, constant mental effort may overwhelm you and eventually lead to exhaustion. Take a breather, walk, have some tea, take a nap, do some yoga, or just breathe deeply. It will relax your body and mind immediately, making you feel light as a bird and ready to work again.

  1. Surround yourself with positivity

Ever heard of the fact that apple trees bear more fruit when surrounded by good neighbors? It is scientifically proven. Just like the apple trees, we also become more positive with good people, good quotes, good music, and good news. Read a positive or a funny quote every day or even keep it as your phone’s wallpaper. Keep your desk trash-free and organized; it makes you feel calmer and lighter.

Chase the blues with these tips and let your positivity always shine through the shade!

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