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Your thoughts are filled with doughnut clouds and chocolate fondue waterfalls, but all you can eat is boring grains and greens. Diabetes can be a nightmare if you have a sweet tooth, really.

Even if desserts are a strict no-no for people with diabetes, as you go through the following list of desserts, you’re not only going to drool over them but also relish them because managing blood sugar is not about going “no sweets,” it’s about being “smart with the sweets.”

For someone with diabetes and a sweet tooth, dessert bites have to be low-carb, low-calorie, quick and easy to make, and obviously delicious. Here are six dessert recipes that fit the bill just right.

  1. Sugar-free pudding with sugar-free whipped cream : Chocolate sugar-free puddings are a life savior for those with diabetes. Dark chocolate, pistachio, coffee-flavored pudding–you name the flavor, you have it! Top your favorite flavor with a dollop of sugar-free whipped cream and voila! Welcome to paradise! In fact, the antioxidants in the chocolate and coffee are healthy!
  2. Sugar-free gelatin with sugar-free whipped cream : This dessert is a combination of our childhood classics in the desert world: jelly and whipped cream. A dollop of sugar-free or light whipped cream topping over some sugar-free gelatin cubes is all you need to satisfy your taste buds. Play around with the colors of your gelatin, whipped cream, and make it pleasing for your eyes as well as the latest update on your social media. If you love cooking, then you can really experiment with the shapes and colors of gelatin and have a ball while making it!
  3. Flavored yogurts : The crunch of the apple might be great, but it gets boring too quickly. Flavored yogurts are a great way to benefit from the fruit as well as enjoy it. You can find sugar-free versions of frozen yogurts in a host of flavors like strawberry, mango, guava and more! A bowlful of flavored yogurt from the fridge is also a good way to have your fruit portions of the day if you do not have fresh fruit available in your kitchen. You can whip up your own flavored yogurt by crushing in some fresh fruit of your choice into unsweetened low-fat yogurt.
  4. Frozen fruits : After a long tiring day, your sweet tooth wants a bite, and you got no strength to bake sugar-free cookies, right? The bananas and grapes in your refrigerator could be a simple yet healthy and delicious way to satiate your hunger for sweets. Slice bananas, lay them flat on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, and place them in the freezer. Once frozen, transfer them to an airtight container. Grapes end up being sloppy when frozen. Seal them in a sandwich bag or an airtight container. Grab a bowlful of these fruits, and you are in for a delightful sweet surprise!
  5. Grilled fruits topped with sugar-free whipped cream : Grilling foods can never go bad, including fruits. Enjoy the charred taste with the sweetness of the fruit. Grill peaches or pears on an electric grill, an outdoor grill, or your grilling pan. Grease the grill using a non-stick cooking spray so that the fruits do not stick to the pan. Plate the hot fruit with two teaspoons of sugar-free or light whipped topping cream.
  6. Ice-cream sandwiches : Yes, you heard it right, an ice cream sandwich. You just need two cracker squares or digestive biscuits as the crusts for your ice-cream sandwich. Fill up 1/4th cup of sugar-free or light whipped topping as the sandwich filling. Stack these in a plastic pouch and freeze.Put a sweet ending to your meal plans with these scrumptious dessert recipes. You can satisfy your cravings with fewer calories and zero worries!


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