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Easily Manage Lifestyle.
Quickly Manage Diabetes.

Easily access Personalised care and advice to actively manage your diabetes. Sympatica seamlessly connects you to doctor and a responsive team of health mentors. We help you use your clinical data – to understand and change your behaviour patters.

Sympatica – Empowering You to Manage your Diabetes. 24*7

    • Get Data Analysis
      Get Data Analysis
      Sympatica’s experts constantly track your data and
      ensure that it is in line with your doctor’s prescription.
    • Healthy Lifestyle
      Create a Healthy Lifestyle. Everywhere
      Digital connectivity ensures that you can access our experts guidance anywhere.
    • Doctor's Attention
      Enjoy Your Doctor’s Undivided Attention
      Regular data analysis alerts your doctor to critical changes, ensuring priority appointments for you!
    • Eliminate Illnesses
      Eliminate Chances of Future Illnesses
      Manage and even reverse diabetes and prevent fatal health issues from cropping up in the future.
    • Support
      Relax with Real Time support
      Sympatica’s experts are there for you. You can discuss, ask and chat about your worries and concerns. Anytime.

Track. Review. Monitor. Manage Diabetes- With a Click

Eating? Click a picture of your meal. Want to track your health? Simply use the welcome kit
Wondering about the cupcake? We’ll plan your diet (with a cheat sheet!) – All under your doctor’s guidance

Here’s how it works

  • 1
    Sign up
    Sign up with
    Sympatica program
  • 2
    Create your profile
    Create your profile
  • 3
    Share your diet
    Share your diet, activity
    and other plans
  • 4
    Glucose, Weight
    Easily input your
    Glucose, Weight
  • 5
    personalized insights
    Get personalized insights on
    your diet and fitness routine
  • 6
    Ask questions.
    Ask questions.
    Resolve queries.
  • 7
    Get Data Analysis
    Create a healthy
    diabetes-managed life

Helps You

  • Increase Fitness and Energy levels
  • Reduce Sugar Levels
  • Reduce Health Problems/Complications
  • Increase Savings
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Life Expectancy