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Diabetes Management at your fingertips

Empower yourself with expert advice from health mentors and no-fuss data tracking to manage and control your Diabetes .

Sympatica brings to you the Undivided Personal Attention of Experienced Health Mentors and your Doctor. It is a simple data-driven
program that sits in your Smartphone as an App. So in click of a button you get

  • Control Over Diabetes
    Control Over Diabetes
  • Responsive Clinical Attention
    Responsive Clinical Attention
  • Manage Medication
  • Personalized Plans
    Personalized Plans
  • A Stress-Free Life
    A Stress-Free

All Under Your Doctor’s Guidance

Know about your Health Mentors

With Sympatica, you can truly leave the worries behind. Don’t stress… know exactly what to do, because we have gathered a select
team of experienced health mentors to guide and counsel you.

  • Ms. Kaif Salma

    Ms. Kaif Salma

    Health Mentor

    I believe that collaboration and compassion works best when it comes to Diabetes care. I strongly feel that lifestyle management is a fundamental aspect of Diabetes care and it includes Diabetes self-management, nutrition therapy, physical activity, and psychosocial care. For me, every patient is different; hence the treatment is always customised with evidence-based dietary advice while considering factors including nutritional status, medication, Diabetes control and lifestyle.

  • Ms. Vanitha Nagaraj

    Ms. Vanitha Nagaraj

    Diabetes Educator

    Eat Healthy Stay Fit’ is my mantra for a healthier life. I am a Clinical Dietician & Nutritionist bringing to you food habits for a healthy you. I think by empathizing with patients, I understand psychology better and hence give recommendations that can best suit their body type and lifestyle. With an experience in guiding communities towards a healthier life, I promote healthy eating habits as a key contributor in better diabetes care.

  • Ms. Srilakshmi.H.A

    Ms. Srilakshmi.H.A

    Nutrition Expert

    I strongly believe that getting and staying in shape is 90% motivation – with the rest being hard work and nutrition! As a counselor it’s our job to keep patients motivated and on a positive path toward betterment. I consider empathy, patience, active listening, flexibility as my key strengths. For me, a holistic approach is the key to an ideal diabetes care. My expertise is in Nutrition and Diabetes Management I have worked in clinics, hospitals, and also at corporate sector.

Some of our leaders

We’ve an Experienced Team that has built more than 4 successful enterprises.

  • Rajesh Bhan

    Rajesh Bhan

    Rajesh, a seasoned Medical device and Pharma professional, is inspired by the way new technologies are transforming the products and services in every possible industry including healthcare. His endeavor is to make high quality care available to patients suffering from chronic illness that is accessible and affordable.

    He strongly believes that by creating an effective delivery model, transformative patient care can be achieved. Rajesh has Master in Science and Management and is keen to bring in this transformational concept called Sympatica.

  • Vivek Ravindran

    Vivek Ravindran

    Vivek is a believer in preventive medicine and the power of design & data, to craft a solution that can help people changing their health behaviours. He has a passion for data science and design, has patents in the area of data-science.

    An Engineer / MBA, Vivek has built successful companies in Singapore and India. By translating the best research into practical ideas, he is seeking to make Sympatica relevant for both practitioners and patients.

  • Dr. Sumeet Kumar

    Dr. Sumeet Kumar

    Sumeet, a former General Surgeon, has a passion for technology and its application to Medical Science to prevent disease and empower positive behaviour change.

    Sumeet is an alumni of Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai and has been at the forefront of Digital Health for the past 20 years. In building Sympatica, he is seeking to create a digital platform that is extremely easy to use for both patients and doctors

  • Liu Chengyi

    Liu Chengyi

    Chengyi has great interest in studying how to enable a healthy lifestyle by using various technologies, and how to present great complexity via simplicity. He believes that great design requires great understanding toward users.

    With a Masters degree in Management Science and Engineering, Chengyi brings in 10+ years User Experience Research and User Interface Design experience. Through consistent design thinking, he is seeking to make Sympatica an easy to adopt solution for both practitioners and patients.

  • Manisha


    Manisha is an HR practitioner with over a decade of experience in small and medium size businesses. As a people’s consultant, she strongly believes that processes and people are equally important to business success.

    She works closely with business owners to help them create and refine processes. Through her diverse career stints – working in high-growth organizations with experience ranging from human resource lead, process improvement expert to star salesperson, Manisha has got ample opportunities to work on various perspectives on human dynamics. Manisha has post graduate qualification in management studies with a law degree from Delhi University.